Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Star Spangled Banner Treats

It is time to start thinking about the Fourth of July!  Here are some really easy treats that I like to make every year.  All you need to do is make a batch of rice krispies treats in a 9 X 12 pan.  When cooled, cut into eight rectangles.  Use store-bought red, white, and blue tubes of decorator frosting and the appropriate tips to create the pattern shown.
Then place white star shaped candy decors (mine were multicolored so I picked the white ones out) on the blue frosting.  They are a lot of fun so give them a try!


  1. I love an easy and fun dessert...pinned!

  2. So cute and easy! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. This was the most viewed link at last week's party, so we'll be featuring these yummy treats at tomorrow's party. We hope you'll stop by and join the party again!


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