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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was absolutely wonderful.  We began on Christmas Eve with the traditional opening of Christmas pajamas.
On Christmas morning, Sean gave me strict orders to be at the house at 8:30 but I was a little bit late because of the snow (I actually got stuck in the driveway).
Sean got a lot of games for his Xbox One, a new TV, and a cool chair for playing his games.
Tashena got a new bed and lots of clothes.
Marilyn made quilts for Sean and Tashena in the Bountiful High School colors.  Tashena was really excited because she can take it on the bus to her away games.
I got a Fire Stick, bluetooth speakers, lots of movies, and some new boots.
After opening presents we had a fabulous dinner of chicken cordon bleu.  Most of us had naps after dinner (Sean played with his games) then we played a mean game of shanghai rummy (Tashena won).  In the evening, Kristine, Marilyn, Tashena, and I went to see the movie La La Land.  I was a little bit worried because I had really talked it up but Kristine and Marilyn loved it (Tashena kept asking me when it was over).  It was a great day!

Note:  For the record, I have now seen La La Land three times!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lights at Temple Square 2016

Friday night I decided to drive downtown a little early for a Utah Symphony performance because snow was predicted and I knew there would be a lot of traffic.  However, I ended up getting downtown really early so I decided to walk to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.  It was extremely crowded but I have to admit that the lights are beautiful.
The lights at Temple Square will be on display until January 3.  Go here for more details.

Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Carol 2016

I am now officially on Winter break and I couldn't be happier (It was touch and go whether I would make it through my final class yesterday). I am definitely looking forward to some fun activities (and sleeping in) over the break. At the top of my list: a performance of A Christmas Carol at Hale Theatre. This, like The Nutcracker, is another one of my very favorite holiday traditions and it wouldn't be Christmas without it! Also, like The Nutcracker, it never grows old even though I have seen it so many times I could probably stand in for any part! I always look forward to the octet singing Christmas carols in between scenes. I always look forward to the dramatic entrance of ghost of Jacob Marley and all of his chains. I always look forward to Christmas at the Fezziwig's (especially when they sing "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella"). I always look forward the party at Fred's house (especially when one of the guests starts laughing uncontrollably).  I always look forward to the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Future.  Finally, I always look forward to the scenes which illustrate Scrooge's redemption, particularly the scenes with Bob Cratchit. During last night's performance, virtually every role was filled by an actor I had never seen before, most notably Stephen Kerr as Scrooge, Josh Richardson as Bob Cratchit, and Spencer Bean as Fred. It almost seemed like a new production because each actor added something new to the character. I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night, and not just because I am on Winter break! I highly recommend that you get a ticket to one of the remaining performances (tickets may be purchased here). Next year, A Christmas Carol will be performed in the new theatre!

Note:  I sat by the most adorable family.  They bought me a drink and a cookie at intermission for putting up with their four children (who were incredibly well-behaved).  It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nutcracker 2016

The holidays will be upon us very soon and I am not ready! I spent most of the afternoon yesterday rushing around trying to check some items off my long to-do list and, frankly, I'm a little bit stressed out. Last night, however, I took some time out to enjoy one of my very favorite holiday traditions: a production of The Nutcracker by Ballet West. It was the perfect antidote to my stress because as soon as I heard the first notes of Tchaikovsky's magnificent score, I settled into my seat knowing it would be a lovely evening. I've seen this ballet so many times you might think that it would get old, but it just makes me anticipate every scene even more! I love it when the Christmas tree grows to giant proportions, I love it when the toy nutcracker turns into a handsome prince, I love it when the Snow Queen dances with all of her snowflakes, I love all of the divertissements provided by the Sugar Plum Fairy for Clara's enjoyment (especially the Arabian dance and the Russian dance), and, most of all, I love the Grand Pas de Deux between the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier because it is so incredibly romantic. I got to see someone new dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy last night, Sayaka Ohtaki, and she was absolutely beautiful and danced the role magnificently. The entire production is magical, from Tchaikovsky's incomparable music, to William Christensen's classic choreography, to the stunning sets and opulent costumes. If The Nutcracker has ever been one of your holiday traditions, I suggest that you try to see one of the remaining performances (go here for tickets) to bid a fond farewell to the current production. In 2017, Ballet West will debut a whole new production complete with new sets, costumes, and special effects, which is exciting but also a little bit bittersweet. I have certainly enjoyed the current production for a very long time and I especially enjoyed it last night!

Note:  My friend's daughter performed as one of the Ladies in Waiting last night.  It was so fun to be able to see her and she did a wonderful job!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingerbread Houses 2016

Last night we had our traditional gingerbread house party with Sean and Tashena.  We do this every year, although Sean mentioned that when he is a teenager next year he might not want to do it any more.  Tashena responded by saying that she is sixteen and still likes to do it!  We always buy the kits and then we hot glue them together so we can get to the decorating faster.  It is such a fun tradition!
We always have to get the shot of Sean eating the frosting because we have one from every year!  He eats more frosting than he puts on his house.  In fact, he ate so much this year that he had to use my leftover frosting to finish!
Working on their houses!
Various stages of construction!
Tashena with her house.
Sean with his house.  The random purple candy on the window kills me!
Our gingerbread village!
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