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Friday, December 1, 2017

Festival of Trees 2017

Last night I volunteered at the Festival of Trees for the ninth year in a row!  This is such a worthwhile cause and I am happy to be able to help each year as a hostess.  Hundreds of trees are decorated by individuals and donated for auction.  They are then put on display for the public to view and all proceeds go directly to Primary Children's Hospital.  After my shift I like to wander around and look at all of the trees displayed (and get a sweet roll).  Here are some of my favorite trees.
This was probably my favorite tree!
The sports junkie in me loved this one!
This is another favorite.  I love the birdbath!
This is for my Mom who is an Aggie!
This was a popular tree in my area because every little kid wanted to sit in the chair (I don't blame them).
This was the most popular tree in m area.  It is in honor of a little boy named Carson who loved going camping.  One lady started crying when I told her the story.
This year I was able to see the gingerbread houses and the Death Star was my favorite.  Obviously!  The Festival of Trees will run until Saturday at the South Towne Expo Center.  Go here for more information.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Festival of Trees 2016

Last night I volunteered as a hostess at the Festival of Trees, something I have done for many, many years.  Every year people donate decorated trees and other items which are put up for auction and then displayed to the public.  One hundred percent of the proceeds of this event go to Primary Children's Hospital.  It is such a great cause and I am happy to help out every year.  My job is to watch over the trees and items to make sure they are not damaged or stolen (remember the little girl who stole a doll off the Frozen tree?) and to answer any questions that people might have.  I say items because, for the first time ever, I was not assigned to an area of trees.  Rather, I was placed in an area filled with centerpieces.  I have to say that this wasn't quite as fun for me as the trees because the centerpieces don't usually have a story so I didn't get to interact with people as much as I usually do.  However, there was an elaborately mechanized clock in my area that the children really liked.  They were positively mesmerized by it, which was cool, but children don't really talk to strangers!  After my shift, I was able to wander around and look at the trees (and get a sweet roll).  Here are some of my favorites.
This Grinch tree was my very favorite!  There are literally hundreds of trees to see, not to mention all of the centerpieces, wreaths, and gingerbread houses!  You really should make your way to the South Towne Expo Center to experience the Festival of Trees yourself!  It runs until Saturday and more information can be found here.
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