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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Last year Halloween was kind of a dud!  For some reason Marilyn and I didn't think about getting pumpkins for Sean and Tashena to carve until the day of Halloween.  We took a very sad Sean out that afternoon looking for some but there were none to be found.  We went to about six different places (everywhere we could think of) and ended up finding some tiny ones at the Home Depot.  It was a definite aunt fail!  This year we vowed that we wouldn't make the same mistake so between the two of us we had at least ten pumpkins and six carving kits!  Ha ha!
Various stages of carving.
Our finished pumpkins.  I am especially proud of my Kylo Ren pumpkin but Tashena's Day of the Dead pumpkin is amazing!
Here they are all lit up on the porch.  I think they look pretty awesome!
Sean was a zombie complete with homemade blood (there is an actual recipe involving the use of cornstarch).
Tashena was a little girl but then decided that she wanted in on the blood action so she became a little girl attacked by a zombie.
After the costume parade we had our traditional chili in pumpkin bread bowls (we have had chili every year on Halloween as far back as I can remember) and the best donuts ever from the bakery across the street from my house.  Marilyn and I manned the door for trick-or-treaters but only had about ten total.
Our favorite trick-or-treaters were Sean and his friend Colton!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thriller 2017

I love rituals and traditions.  In a world that seems to be full of chaos it is really nice to have something that you can count on and look forward to!  I have recently purchased tickets to quite a few seasonal performances and I have already started looking forward to them.  One such performance occurred last night after putting in a long and difficult week at school finishing up the first quarter (students only care about their grade during the last week of the quarter).  It was exactly what I needed!  In my opinion, it simply wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't get to see Odyssey Dance Theatre's production of Thriller.  The fact that I have seen this show so many times adds to, rather than detracts from, my enjoyment because I anticipate each number as I watch!  I love when the undead begin cavorting in a graveyard during "Thriller," when the break-dancing mummy comes to life in "Curse of the Mummy," when the uncooperative pandas begin acting up in "Miss Alli's Nighmare," when Frankenstein breaks his Bride's neck in "Frankenstein & Frankenstein," when the tap-dancing skeletons start tossing their heads around in "Dem Bones," when a trio of Jasons get crazy with their chainsaws in "Jason Jam," when the scarecrows come to life in "Children of the Corn," when condemned witches come back for revenge in "Salem's Mass," when a group of chucky dolls come to life in "Chucky-Rama," and when acrobatic vampires spin and leap in "Lost Boys."  Even though the numbers are the same from year to year, there always seems to be some new choreography or special effects to keep them interesting.  This year, in addition to the hilarious films of Scott Winn (the twerking stormtroopers are my favorite) in between numbers, there were some amazing aerial numbers choreographed by Aeris Aerial Arts.  I absolutely loved "Bats in a Box" which featured between four and six aerialists performing on a spinning steel box.  It was fabulous and I may or may not have said "Wow" out loud multiple times!  I also really liked "Phantom of the Opera" which featured two aerialists performing on a rope (it reminded me of Cirque de Soleil).  It is such a fun and exuberant show and I highly recommend getting at ticket (there are four more performances at Kingsbury Hall) which may be purchased here.

Note:  I have been attending this concert for twenty years!  I remember the first concert distinctly because I had just started teaching at Westminster College in 1997 and I ran into two of my students.  Last night I only saw one of my HHS students!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was a little bit quiet this year.  I went over to my parents' house for chili (which we have had on Halloween ever since I was a little girl) and passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters, including the cutest creeper (from the minecraft game) ever.  We didn't carve pumpkins this year because Marilyn and I didn't get our act together in time to buy them and we decided not to go to a movie (which we have done on Halloween for the past three years) because we were both too tired!  It was still a nice evening with my family and Sean got over not carving pumpkins when he was able to go out trick-or-treating with his friends "unsupervised."  He had the time of his life!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Trunk or Treat

There is a Trunk or Treat at Hunter High every year and I was overjoyed when some of my officers wanted to participate this year because I had never been involved in one before.  We immediately looked on Pinterest started brainstorming ideas for our theme and decided to go with pirates.  We went shopping for supplies (my favorite was the parrot) and found everything we needed but a skeleton.  We really wanted a full-size skeleton and all we could find were small ones.  I eventually found one on Amazon for more than I wanted to pay but go big or go home!  When I mentioned the Trunk or Treat to my sister Marilyn, she asked if she could participate because she has always wanted to do one, too.  I agreed and she planned an Alice in Wonderland theme, even buying herself a costume.  She enlisted my Dad's help as the Mad Hatter.
We had a lot of fun decorating and I think our trunk turned out great!  There were lots of clubs involved and we had a big turn out!  It was a lot of fun!
Marilyn's trunk was adorable!
We got second place in the trunk decorating contest!
We won't mention who got first place.  (Who invited them?)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thriller 2016

For some reason I haven't done very many Halloween-themed activities this year.  However, one Halloween tradition that I always try to uphold is seeing Odyssey Dance Theatre's production of Thriller.  I successfully avoided the undead (don't make eye contact!) as I made my way to my seat at Kingsbury Hall last Monday night and I thoroughly enjoyed the show, as I always do.  Even though I have seen this Halloween dance extravaganza more times than I can count, I always look forward to it and anticipate every single dance as the show progresses!  I love the undead cavorting in a graveyard in "Thriller," (the dramatic opening number) the break dancing mummy and his maidens in "Curse of the Mummy," the three year old pandas in "Miss Alli's Nightmare," a pas de deux gone horribly wrong in "Frankenstein & Frankenstein," tap dancing skeletons in "Dem Bones," a trio of Jasons wielding assorted weaponry in "Jason Jam," scarecrows who are not what they seam in "Children of the Corn," a group of voodoo priestesses in "Servant of the Spirits," condemned witches who return for revenge in "Salem's Mass," (my favorite number) a group of malevolent dolls in "Chucky-Rama," acrobatic vampires in "Lost Boys," and high stepping Irish lasses in "River of Blood Dance." As each number began, the audience would cheer wildly which made the experience even more fun.  It simply would not be Halloween without Thriller!  You can purchase tickets to this show, which is performed in various venues around Utah, by going here.

Note:  I also really enjoyed the films by Scott Winn which were shown in between the numbers, featuring twerking Stormtroopers, the crew from the Starship Enterprise in a dance-off, and a group of Orcs getting down.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

I have always really loved Halloween and this year it was so much fun!  The day started early with some pumpkin carving with Sean and Tashena.
Sean's pumpkin "Cyclops."
Tashena's pumpkin "Tinkerbell."
My pumpkin "Mr. Bonehead."
Marilyn's "Old School" pumpkin.
It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember to have chili on Halloween.  This year I made it and everyone came over to my house!
Sean was a mad scientist (although we all thought that his wig made him look like James Brown).
Since I didn't have very many trick-or-treaters, I told him he could have as much candy as he wanted!
Tashena was Tinkerbell.
Tashena and her friends came trick-or-treating to my house and it was an absolute riot!  They kind of took over my house for a little while.  They were all really nice, if exuberant, kids.  A really great day!

Note:  For several years Marilyn and I have had the tradition of going to a late movie on Halloween.  We saw The Martian in IMAX 3D (yes, I've now seen it four times).  It was really late when we drove home and we had to stop at UHP DUI checkpoint.  They asked us if we had been drinking and then simply let us go.  I thought that was hilarious.  However, there were some young teenage girls standing on the sidewalk who looked to be in a bit of trouble...
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