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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sean Requested a Jazz Game!

My nephew got a smartphone at the beginning of the school year because he is going to a charter school instead of his home school and it is a bit further away from home.  Sometimes he randomly calls me during the day and I have to admit that I really love it when he does.  One day he called me to ask me to help him organize his school work and I made arrangements to meet him one day and go through his backpack.  We talked about various other things and, as we were finishing our conversation, he casually mentioned that we hadn't been to a Jazz game for a long time.  It was at that moment when I understood the purpose of his phone call.  I told him we would have to look at the schedule to see when the next Saturday home game was and he said it was against the Brooklyn Nets!  You have to admire his preparation!  We went last night and had so much fun!  I usually buy him a shirt (I only take him to one or two games a year and, besides, spoiling is the first article in the aunt by-laws) and he picked the cool shirt he is wearing in the picture.  It conveniently did not have a price tag on it and when it was scanned at the register we found out that it was $55.  What?  It is actually an NBA limited edition shirt for Veteran's Day and the Jazz players were wearing them during warm-ups so I guess it is worth it (said in a sarcastic voice). The Vivint Arena has undergone a really cool renovation so there are lots of great restaurants inside now.  We ate at Hire's which was fantastic but expensive!  Then we always have to get ice cream at half-time.  Ka-ching!  He is an expensive date but I love him so much (either that or I have the word “sucker” on my forehead!).  The Jazz played really well, leading the Nets for most of the game.  Donovan Mitchell had a great game, leading the team with 26 points, and Rodney Hood electrified the crowd with five three-pointers!  The Jazz ended up winning 114-106!  Sean thought he was the good luck charm!  I had so much fun with him and he is already planning our annual winter break Jazz game!

Note:  Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that my new Jazz crush is Ricky Rubio!  He has great hair!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Last year Halloween was kind of a dud!  For some reason Marilyn and I didn't think about getting pumpkins for Sean and Tashena to carve until the day of Halloween.  We took a very sad Sean out that afternoon looking for some but there were none to be found.  We went to about six different places (everywhere we could think of) and ended up finding some tiny ones at the Home Depot.  It was a definite aunt fail!  This year we vowed that we wouldn't make the same mistake so between the two of us we had at least ten pumpkins and six carving kits!  Ha ha!
Various stages of carving.
Our finished pumpkins.  I am especially proud of my Kylo Ren pumpkin but Tashena's Day of the Dead pumpkin is amazing!
Here they are all lit up on the porch.  I think they look pretty awesome!
Sean was a zombie complete with homemade blood (there is an actual recipe involving the use of cornstarch).
Tashena was a little girl but then decided that she wanted in on the blood action so she became a little girl attacked by a zombie.
After the costume parade we had our traditional chili in pumpkin bread bowls (we have had chili every year on Halloween as far back as I can remember) and the best donuts ever from the bakery across the street from my house.  Marilyn and I manned the door for trick-or-treaters but only had about ten total.
Our favorite trick-or-treaters were Sean and his friend Colton!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sean the Brave

I missed Sean's game last week so I was really looking forward to watching him play yesterday.  The Braves played the Woods Cross Wildcats which is a team with really big boys.  In fact, I questioned whether one of the boys was twelve and of course he was on Sean most of the game.  Sean did not back down at all and played like a beast the whole game.  I was so proud of him.  The Braves are struggling this season and many of the boys want to quit but they played their hearts out today.
This is my favorite picture of the game!
Sean with his Dad!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Yesterday the Braves played the Grantsville Cowboys.  This is a team that slaughtered them last year so when the Braves got a touchdown on their very first possession it was very exciting.  The Cowboys ended up winning the game but I couldn't be prouder of the Braves for coming out really strong against an intimidating team!
My favorite moment of the game was when Sean got a really big hit and the whole team cheered.  Tashena yelled out, "That's my brother!"
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