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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peter Pan

Do you need something fun to do with the kiddos?  Take the second star to the right and straight on 'till the Murray Park Amphitheater and you will find a delightful production of the musical Peter Pan.  I absolutely love seeing live performances outside during the summer and I find community theatre to be really fun and quirky so I took a little picnic to the park before the show and spent a lovely evening under the stars last night.  The musical tells the well-known story of a boy who refuses to grow up and his adventures in Neverland with the three Darling children.  Fred Lee is absolutely wonderful as Peter Pan!  He has a great voice with charisma to spare and his dancing (and flying) is so much fun to watch.  The children are absolutely adorable (the Lost Boys seem to have multiplied), the Indians are incredible dancers (the Indians have multiplied, too), especially Kellie Lawson as Tiger Lily, and the pirates are suitably boisterous (and so have the pirates).  I also really enjoyed Ned Searle as Smee and Jim Dale as Captain Hook.  They have really great chemistry and I particularly enjoyed it when Hook would use his hook to bop Smee on the head (with accompanying sound effects).  The costumes are quite elaborate, especially Captain Hook's ensemble.  I loved his lace jabot!  The crocodile (Andrew Walker) also has a really great costume.  This is a really technical show and I thought all of the flying effects and the Tinkerbell ("I believe! I believe!") effects were very well done, especially for an opening night!  I did think the scenes on Captain Hook's ship were a bit chaotic with all of the extra cast members (How did the maid get to Neverland?) but, as I said, community theatre is quirky.  It is a really fun show that children are sure to enjoy.  It runs at the Murray Park Amphitheater until June 25 at 8:00 every night (except Sunday).  Adult tickets are $10.00 and child tickets are $5.00.  See you in Neverland!

Note:  Go here for a complete schedule of entertainment at the Murray Park Amphitheater this summer.  I am quite excited for Camelot!
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