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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Chilly Bees Game

Marilyn was offered some free tickets to yesterday's Bees game at work.   The seats were right behind the dugout so we were pretty excited.  It was 80 degrees over the weekend but you just never know with the weather in Utah.  At one point it was actually snowing yesterday and I thought the game might be postponed.  But then it cleared up in the afternoon and we decided to go.  We had so much fun!  I can't begin to tell you how much I love spending time with Sean and Tashena!  We love going to Bees games and we have some silly rituals like what we get to eat (we opted for hot chocolate instead of ice cream, or at least three of us did).  We were laughing so hard I wondered if we were bothering the people around us!  The Bees played the Fresno Grizzlies and they scored three runs in the first two innings which was a lot of fun.  Then the Grizzlies scored three runs in the third inning and three more in the fourth inning which deflated the crowd a bit!  By the bottom of the sixth inning we were all really cold so we decided to leave and it might be a good thing we did because the Bees ended up losing 11-4.
It really doesn't matter what the score is because we always have so much fun and last night was a blast!  I am so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my niece and nephew.  Being an aunt is the best!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

On the Pitcher's Mound

This year Sean's Little League baseball team is the Giants.  He has a had a few games but last night was the first time I've been able to come see him play.  Before the game my sister said that he might be pitching for the first time.  After two innings, his team was down 16-0 and the coach decided to put him in.  We were really nervous for him because the crowd at Little League games likes to yell at the players (they are eleven).  My sister said she didn't think she could take the pressure and it was especially hard because he had to stand on the mound for a really long time before the catcher came out of the dugout to let him warm up and he seemed really nervous.  He was amazing!  He would stand there for an unusually long time with the ball in his glove staring the batter down before he would throw a pitch.  My brother-in-law called this his "strategy."  It worked!  I think he psyched the batters out because he would always make them swing away and strike out!  Even though his team lost, he was so happy after the game because we were so proud of him!  Everyone congratulated him as they walked past him, even the parents of the players on the other team!
 I hope he gets to pitch at his next game!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun at the Bees Game

Saturday night Marilyn and I took Sean and Tashena to a Salt Lake Bees game against the Sacramento River Cats.  We had so much fun!  The Bees played really well (with a dramatic home run in the third inning) and eventually won the game 6-0, but being with Sean and Tashena is what made this night such a good time.  I sure do love them!  We got laughing so hard that I could not breathe and I think we were more entertaining to the people around us than the game was.  At one point Sean was taking a bunch of selfies with Marilyn's phone and the lady behind us started photobombing.  Good times!  After the game there were fireworks which is always a lot of fun. It did eventually get a little bit chilly but sitting outside in the sunshine and watching some baseball made me get really excited for summer!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's Go Bees!

Saturday night I took Sean and Tashena to see the Bees play the Fresno Grizzlies.  It was extremely crowded, probably the biggest crowd I've ever seen at a Bees game (I do not like crowds).  It was a good game, however, with both teams scoring lots of runs.  The Bees scored five runs in the fifth inning and then there was a dramatic home run in the sixth.  At the bottom of the ninth the score was tied at 7 but the Bees scored a fantastic out-of-the-ballpark home run to win the game 8-7.
Sean just comes for the ice cream but this time he opted for a cone instead of the baseball helmet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Colorado Rockies

I am not a huge baseball fan (I don't even follow my hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays, that much) but whenever I am in an MLB city I like to catch a game and cheer for the home team.  Since I was in Denver for the weekend, I decided to see a Rockies game against the Miami Marlins and it was so much fun.  I really like Coors Field and I had great seats near home plate!  The game was really slow at the beginning but then it got really exciting in the bottom of the fourth inning.  All of the bases were loaded and then Arenado came up to bat.  The crowd went absolutely crazy!  He was able to bring Blackmon home for our first run of the game!  So exciting!  Things got really loud again in the bottom of the seventh when Gonzalez scored a home run to tie the game.  It went to extra innings but the Rockies ended up losing 3-2.

Note: Apparently I really like wearing my Beatles shirt to baseball games.  Here I am at a Rockies game in 2012!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Big Win!

Last night I watched another baseball game with Sean's team, the Hot Rods.  There was a huge rainstorm right before the game but I am really glad I stayed because Sean played so well!  Sean usually gets on base with a walk or he strikes out but tonight he got a huge hit which resulted in two RBIs!  He has been feeling a little bit discouraged so this was a great moment for him!  He had another run (with a walk) and he made a great play on first base which resulted in an out!  His entire team played really well and when one player got a home run the whole team ran out to home plate to congratulate him!  I loved that!  The Hot Rods won the game 13-4.
I got another "look" for cheering too loud!
He was all smiles after the game!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hot Rods

Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching Sean play baseball.  It was a perfect day for baseball because the sun was shining but it wasn't too hot.  It felt so nice to be sitting outside on the bleachers watching my adorable nephew.  This year his team is called the Hot Rods and they played really well.  There has been a lot of improvement since last year.
Sean got a run!  It was so fun to watch him cross home plate!  He also got to play third base and was involved in a great play resulting in an out!  The Hot Rods ended up winning 9-5!
Apparently our cheering was too embarrassing so we got "the look."
I sure do love this kid!

Note:  I find little league baseball to be highly amusing!  The Dad of the opposing pitcher was sitting behind us and he kept up a steady barrage of instructions for his son.  I really wanted to turn around and tell him to just let the poor kid play!  I'm sure he would play much better without all of the pressure!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Baseball & Fireworks

I really love watching fireworks this time of year so when I found out that there would be fireworks after the Salt Lake Bees game on Saturday, Marilyn and I decided to take Sean and Tashena.  The Bees played the El Paso Chihuahuas (we had a few laughs about their name) and it was a much better game than last time.  The Bees had a very dramatic home run in the sixth inning to get the crowd cheering and ended up winning 5-3.  But, honestly, it was really hot.  I think we were all just sitting through the game to get to the fireworks!  They were pretty spectacular!

Note:  During the fireworks display, they played patriotic music.  When Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture was playing, Sean spontaneously started conducting with very dramatic gestures!  It was hilarious!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It has become a tradition for me to take Sean and Tashena to a baseball game every summer so I took them to see the Bees play the Memphis Redbirds last night.  We had so much fun!  I like sitting outside with a great view of the mountains.
Sean likes going because he can get pizza and ice cream in a baseball helmet (which he keeps).
Tashena only goes to humor me...but I think she actually had a lot of fun because she didn't use any of her electronic devices.
She really liked the shirt I bought her (which is why she was willing to pose for me)!
The Bees didn't play very well (they were losing 9-4 by the time we left at the top of the ninth inning) but we still had a lot of fun watching them.  Sean has this funny notion that anyone drinking beer is "drunk."  There were some people behind us who were drinking and Sean kept calling them drunk.  He said he could act as goofy as he wanted because the drunk people wouldn't remember what he did in the morning.  (Where does he get these ideas?)  I don't know if they heard Sean call them "drunk" but they eventually left.  Ha ha!  All of the players have theme songs for when they come up to bat and one of the players had "Turn Down For What?"  For some reason I absolutely love that song so, whenever he came to bat, I would sing really loud.  At first Sean and Tashena were somewhat embarrassed but they ended up joining in.  On the drive home, I played it (yes I have it on my phone) and Sean started busting out his moves.  Tashena and I could not stop laughing!  So much fun! 

At the game last year.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Batter Up!

Last week I was able to see one of my nephew Sean's baseball games.  His team is the Toronto Blue Jays, which just happens to be my favorite professional baseball team!  He was so excited to tell me!
If you have not been to a Little League baseball game recently, you are definitely missing out!  It was an absolute riot to watch (even though it was incredibly cold and windy).  The coach of the opposing team, the Cincinnati Reds, was obnoxiously intense!  He acted like he was coaching in the Major League and shouted instructions to every player throughout the whole game and called for multiple time outs to talk to his pitcher.  Some of his players were in tears after his instructions!  I found it incredibly amusing!
The Blue Jays, however, were not quite as intense!  Their coach kept encouraging them by calling out, "Be ready, Blue!  Be ready!"  This was a necessary instruction as I noticed Sean picking dandelions when he was playing right field!  Another Blue Jays player was turning somersaults throughout the game!  When Sean came up to bat, he immediately struck out but, man, is he powerful!  When he does actually connect with the ball, he will score a home run!  Needless to say, Sean's team did not win but I sure did love watching him!

Note:  Normally I really enjoy watching a red team beat a blue team!
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