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Sunday, September 17, 2017

An Awesome Sack

All of a sudden it feels like fall in the Salt Lake valley.  One day I had my air conditioning on and literally the next day my furnace came on!  I am incredibly happy about this change in the weather because I absolutely love fall.  I love the cooler temperatures, the smell of decomposing leaves, wearing sweaters, everything pumpkin flavored, Halloween, and watching football.  Yesterday was the perfect day for football because the sky was a crystal blue, the temperature required a hoodie, and I started to notice some of the leaves changing!  Sean's team is struggling this season but I sure do love watching him play.  Even though the Braves lost to the Kearns Cougars, Sean played very well and got an awesome sack (he told us later that he could hear us cheer on the field).

Note:  His Dad gives him $5.00 for every sack so he was pretty excited!

Sunday, September 3, 2017


It was a hot one yesterday but we couldn't miss seeing Sean and the rest of the Bountiful Braves play the Alta Hawks!  I saw a lot of improvement in the Braves this week but this game ended much like the one they played last week.  The Hawks scored four unanswered touchdowns and then at the end of the game the Braves got a dramatic touchdown to spoil the shutout.  I'm really proud of Sean because this week he didn't let his frustrations get the better of him and he didn't give up!
They'll get the next game!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Team Captain

I loved watching my nephew play football last year!  It was such a fun fall activity for my whole family to wake up early on a Saturday to watch Sean play and then go to breakfast afterwards.  Sean had his first game of the season last Saturday against the Tooele Buffaloes and this year he is one of the team captains!  He gets to lead the team out onto the field and he leads the team in their pre-game warmup.   He takes this responsibility very seriously!  I think Sean is a really good player and I think rugby has done a lot to boost his confidence.  Unfortunately, the Bountiful Braves lost this game.  The Buffaloes scored four unanswered touchdowns and Sean was quite frustrated; in fact, the coach pulled him out of the game (he plays both offense and defense so this was one of the only times he wasn't on the field) for a few minutes to give him some encouragement.
Late in the fourth quarter, the Braves were able to score a really pretty touchdown so they felt better about the game.  The team has a lot of potential and I think they will get better.  I am really looking forward to spending my Saturdays watching Sean and the Braves this fall!

Note:  Sean is a year older so he plays an hour later than last year!  Hooray!
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