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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Throwing Things

On Thursday I went to one of Tashena's track meets at Viewmont High School.  I didn't get to go to very many of her meets last year so I was really excited to see her in action.  She was entered in discus, shot put, and javelin but it was so cold and windy that the javelin event was canceled.  The wind makes the throwing events really difficult so I thought Tashena did a great job under the circumstances but she was disappointed.  She ended up winning the discus event with a distance of 109.1 and she took second place in the shot put with a distance of 30.1.  I was so proud of her!
I'm looking forward to going to more of her meets since I don't have as many commitments at school this year!

Monday, May 22, 2017

State Champion

On Saturday my niece competed at the Utah State Track & Field Championships in discus.  She has struggled a little bit this year but that only made her more determined to succeed.  After failing to make the finals at the BYU Invitational, she started working with a private coach and all of her hard work paid off!  With a 126' throw, she became the 2017 4A State Champion!  I am so proud of her, not only because she won, but because she didn't give up and she used adversity to become even better!  Her whole life has been about overcoming adversity and I truly believe that she can do anything she wants if she sets her mind to it!  Good job, Tashena!

Note:  She is the only sophomore on that podium!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Look at Those Guns!

Last weekend Tashena competed at the BYU Invitational track meet.  As the name implies, only the best of the best are invited to compete at this two-day meet.  Tashena was ranked fifth in the state of Utah, quite a feat for a sophomore.  She had a really rough two days because she failed to advance to the finals in any of her events (discus, shot put, javelin, and long jump).  In discus, her best event, she scratched on her first two throws and had a mediocre distance for her final throw.  I think she was nervous because she puts so much pressure on herself and this was a big meet.  It doesn't matter the outcome, I am still so incredibly proud of this girl!  Her next big competition in the state championship (which she qualified for at her first meet of the season) and I'm sure she will be even more determined than ever to do well!

Note:  Look at those guns!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Last Friday Tashena competed at another track meet and she did very well.  It was an invitational meet which means you have to qualify in order to attend.  She threw the javelin 99'9" which is a new PR!  This is absolutely incredible to me because this is the first year that she has competed in the javelin.
She is amazing!

Note:  She took fourth place overall in javelin, second place overall in discus, ninth place overall in shot put, and fourth place overall in long jump!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tashena Likes to Throw Things

I finally got to go to one of my niece's track meets yesterday!  I think watching Tashena throwing (and occasionally jumping) is a much better way to spend an afternoon than grading papers!  Wouldn't you agree?  However, I didn't actually get to see her do any throwing or jumping because she competed in all of her events (discus, shot put, javelin, and long jump) before the meet started because it was held at Bountiful (her home school) and she had to help run the discus.  Hey, at least I had an excuse to leave school at a decent hour!  Her best throw in discus was 115' for first place, her best throw in shot put was 31'6" for second place, her best throw in javelin was 89'2" for first place, and her best distance in long jump was 15'1" for first place.  That's not too shabby!  She told me that this meet didn't matter because it wasn't a qualifying meet and told me to come to the meet next week!  I'll be there!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Over the weekend my niece Tashena competed at a by-invitation-only track meet at Utah Valley University.  Only the best of the best were invited and, apparently, Tashena is ranked third in the state of Utah in discus!  Yeah.  No big deal!  I think it is amazing that she has this ranking because she is only a sophomore!  At this meet she ended up getting fourth place (which made her very unhappy) but everyone ahead of her was a senior.  I am so proud of this girl!

Note:  We are all saving our money to watch her compete at the Olympics!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

District Champion (Again)

I know that I am slightly biased but I think that my niece Tashena is absolutely amazing!  The Davis District Track & Field Championships have been held the past few days and, once again, Tashena was the champion in discus.  This is a huge accomplishment because she is only a sophomore!  Her best throw was 115'!  I am so proud of her and I can't wait to see what she does at the State Championship (she qualified at the first meet of the season).

Note:  Tashena was the champion in discus all three years in Jr. High (go here and here).

Friday, May 20, 2016

Three Medals

This week Tashena competed for the final time at the District Track & Field Championships.  She entered three events (discus, long jump, and shot put) and won medals in all three of them!
In the discus she broke a district record that has stood for thirty years!
Discus Champion (Look at those guns!).  She has won the discus championship for three years in a row!
Long jump champion.
Third place in shot put.  I am so proud of this girl!  I can't wait to see what she does next year in high school!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A New PR

Tashena had another track meet yesterday!  Usually I really love watching her compete but it was unbelievably cold.  Even though I was freezing I was still so proud of her!  She took first place in the long jump and second place in shot put!  In the discus, which is her best event, she threw 132.1 feet!  Yes!  You read that correctly!  She threw 132.1 feet which is her best distance ever.  She shattered the high school record and one of the coaches told my brother-in-law that Tashena would place in the top 40 in the nation on the college level with that distance!  Of course our family has always believed that she is incredibly talented but it is an amazing feeling to hear all of the other coaches, parents, and students cheering for her by name!  I always tease her about watching her compete at the Olympics but I may need to start saving my money for a trip to Tokyo in 2020!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miss Track Star

Tashena had her first track meet of the season yesterday.
She threw the shot put 29 feet to take first place!
She jumped 15.4 feet in the long jump, which is a PR, and took third place.
Finally, in discus, her best event, she threw 111 feet to easily take first place!  I think she is amazing and I can't wait to see what she does during the rest of the season!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

District Champion

Yesterday I got to see my beautiful and talented niece compete at the Jr. High Track and Field District Championship.  She qualified in three events: discus (she had a new PR of 119' 1/2" in the qualifying tournament), shot put, and long jump.
Tashena's first event was discus.  In her preliminary flight she didn't throw very far.  At one point she threw 71' which was farther than most of the other girls but it was almost ridiculous for her.  I think she was just messing with all of the other girls because they all fell apart during the final when she got serious!  Tashena's final distance was 111'6" to easily win first place!  She was quite disappointed with that distance (they were all throwing into the wind) because she wanted to set a record but no one was even close to her.  I am so proud of her!
In the shot put she had a new PR of 29'6" but she was still really disappointed to place fifth overall.  Her coach was really pleased because she improved over two feet during the season which is very unusual.  Most of the girls who placed ahead of her were ninth graders.  I am glad that the winner of the shot put was the girl from Kaysville who has been Tashena's biggest competition at the preliminary meets.  I've gotten to know her a little bit and I like her.
Tashena struggled a little bit in the long jump.  In the middle of her flight she had to compete in the final of the shot put and she had to go to the discus medal ceremony.  I think she was a bit distracted.  She made it into the final but she ended up scratching on two of her jumps.  She was disappointed but I am so proud of her!  It has been so much fun to watch her this season and I can't wait to see what she does next year because I know that she will be very determined!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Running Jumping Throwing

Last Thursday I got to see Tashena compete at another track meet.  Once again, she was entered in five events: long jump, hurdles, shot put, 4 X 100m relay, and discus.  She did really well and I absolutely loved watching her!
In the long jump, Tashena's best distance was 15'4" which is a PR.  She was in the lead until a girl after her jumped 15'5".  She was really happy with her distance because her coach has been working with her on technique and she had a goal to break into 15' which she did!  I am so proud of her!
I finally got to see Tashena run the hurdles!  It is usually the very first event contested so I always miss it but I left school a little early so I could see her.  She placed third overall!
In the shot put, Tashena had to complete all three of her throws one after another because she had to head to the relay (very disorganized meet).  She still managed to throw 25'6".  The girl from Kaysville Jr. beat her again but Tashena was really rushed.  Maybe the next meet?
This is the first meet this year that Tashena ran the 4 X 100m relay (she ran it last year).  Her team ended up third overall.  I didn't get to see the discus because it was contested before the meet even started due to a baseball game.  Some of the girls had to go straight from the bus to the event and none of them got any practice throws (did I mention that this was a disorganized meet?).  Tashena still managed to throw 100' to easily take first place!

Note:  Tashena threw the discus 125' in practice on Friday (which is unofficial) because her coach purposely marked the distances wrong to see what she could do!  She is amazing!  I can't wait to see what she does in the District Qualifier next week!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Discus Queen

Yesterday I got to see Tashena at one of her track meets and I really loved cheering for her (I may have been a tad boisterous).  She entered five events and placed in three of them.  I think she is absolutely amazing because she also dances with CDT and she had two performances yesterday before the meet!
Tashena's best event is the discus!  I may be just a little bit biased, but she is really good!  Her first throw was 88' (which would have won the event) and her second throw was a scratch.  She was extremely disappointed in these results and actually had tears in her eyes when her coach talked to her.  Even so, just about all of the coaches in the area had their teams watch her to get pointers.  Nobody was even close to her distance!  Her final throw was 102' 8" which was pretty close to her PR (she threw 120' in practice but it doesn't officially count).  I was so proud of her!
Her next best event is shot put.  There is a girl from Kaysville Jr. who is very good (she beat Tashena last week).  When Tashena had her final throw, her coach said that he hoped the Kaysville girl would beat her again because he thinks Tashena can throw a lot father and he wanted her to have some motivation!  Tashena ended up throwing 27' 7 1/4".  The Kaysville thrower beat her by 1/4".  I bet Tashena beats her at the next meet!
This year Tashena is also trying the long jump.  Last week was her first time at this event and she ended up jumping 13' 11" for second place.  She got second place again yesterday but she improved a little bit to 14'.  It is so fun to watch her!
After a long day she was pretty tired!

Note: She also ran the 100m and the hurdles but she didn't place in either event.  She was tired!
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