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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Volleyball Queen

My niece is on the Bountiful High School volleyball team for the second year in a row.  The varsity team is undefeated this season and they hope to win a state championship for the third year in a row!  Go Braves!
I am so proud of Tashena, who will be seventeen in a few days!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

State Champions

My niece Tashena has been on the Bountiful High School volleyball team this year.  She has played on the sophomore team and they had an undefeated season, dominating every opponent.  The varsity team had an amazing season as well and this weekend they made made a run for the state championship at Utah Valley University.  Throughout the tournament they defeated every opponent in three straight sets to make it to the championship game against Corner Canyon on Saturday night and my family was there for this game.  Tashena didn't get to play but she was introduced on the court with the team and it was so exciting.  The Braves came out strong and easily defeated the Chargers in the first two sets but the Chargers refused to go down without a fight and gave them some competition in the third set.  They had a sizable lead until the Braves powered through to tie it up.  It was really exciting to watch as the score went back and forth (I no longer have any fingernails) and just when it seemed that Bountiful had the win with 24 points, Corner Canyon scored twice to bring the score to 24-22.  I was a little bit tense at that point but an amazing block by Bountiful won the set to give them the 4A state championship!  It was so much fun to watch the team celebrate and I love that Tashena got to be a part of it!  Great job Braves!
Go here to read about the game in the Deseret News.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meet the Team

Tashena is on the volleyball team at Bountiful High School!  First, I can't believe that she is in high school!  How did this happen?  Second, I am so proud of this girl!  She is a three sport athlete and she is incredibly talented!  Last night my family went to a benefit dinner (our attendance was compulsory because Tashena was required to sell a certain number of tickets) at the school to meet the team and watch some scrimmage games.  It was really nice with tables covered in red and white tablecloths set up outside in the courtyard.  Several families worked together to make all of the food and other families (including my sister) served it and it was delicious!  After the dinner the whole team was introduced then the freshmen played the sophomore team and the JV played the varsity team.  Tashena is on the sophomore team and they won!  During the games there was a raffle for all kinds of Bountiful Braves swag and Marilyn won a water bottle!  It was really nice and I was quite impressed with BHS.  I have a feeling my family will be spending a lot of time in that gym!
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